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31st March 2020 

Counselling & Psychotherapy in SouthWest London/ Wandsworth

The aim of counselling is to provide an opportunity for an individual to work towards living in a way that is more satisfying and resourceful. It enables a person to talk and explore the thoughts and powerful emotions that are perhaps not helping that person to move on in life. Counselling and psychotherapy is concerned with helping individuals to utilise their own coping resources by identifying the internal conflicts. It is possible to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life if one can cultivate the best within them and the process of counselling can help one to achieve that.

Counselling can help an individual with various emotional isuues while enabling that individual to be more aware of his or her own standing. It can help a person to be more relational towards him/herself and also to others.

Counselling is of short term duration. However, psychotherapy tends to be long term and carried out in a more structured manner.

I offer face to face counselling, telephone counselling, email counselling and counselling via skype.